Sunday, April 16, 2017

If Greg Bird can't run, he should sit

I don't know why Greg Bird jogged to first yesterday, after he finally put his bat on a ball and walloped a routine infield grounder. But he did his best impression of Joggy Cano, strolling down the line and savoring each step, as if that old song by Mac Davis, "Stop and Smell the Roses," was playing in his head.

My assumption is that Bird was running gingerly because his ankle is hurt, and if so, I have to ask a simple stupid fan question: Why is he playing? 

Because it's April, the whole season is ahead of us, and right now, Bird looks like a Godzilla monster in Korea who is channeling the movements of a drunk Anne Hathaway - (which is actually the plot of a current movie; see? read this blog and you stay cool.) 

Bird won the IT IS HIGH/Geico 2017 Grapefruit Heisman Trophy for clubbing seven homers and leading the team in hitting. Then on the first of April, he was magically replaced by his evil twin. Yesterday afternoon, Bird actually became a trending topic on Twitter, when his batting average fell to .042, a symbolic tribute to Jackie Robinson. Because he's been nursing a bad foot, the Yankees rested him for a few days, playing the Yang to his Yin, Chris Carter. (Together, they have struck out 21 times over 11 games.) It doesn't seem to have worked. Bird is still struggling, and late yesterday, he jogged out a grounder.

Listen: I'm not suggesting the kid needs to be benched, replaced or sent to Scranton. He is 1 for 26 on the season, and he'll needs 200 at bats before we start to fear the worst. But if he can't run to first, he should be resting the foot, because this is not working for anybody.

And if he just didn't run to first, because he's lost and depressed - well, he ought to have a talk with Brett Gardner. It's a long season. The Yankees need Greg Bird, the whole package. 


The Ghost of Yankees Past said...

The Yankees appear to be a deeper team this year than either of the past two seasons. The starting pitching ,while not great, should be as good as if not a little better than last year.. The bullpen will be strong again, and the batting order will be deeper. The reserves in Scranton are more ready to bring up as needed. They are holding there own without their two best ever day players ( catcher and shortstop ) in the lineup. If they stay healthy they should win more games than either of the past two seasons.

We should not see a line up with the seven through nine hitters hovering around a .200 batting average this year. This was the undoing of the Yankees the past two years. You can't have three automatic outs every third innning.

There two warning signs , first base and to a lesser extent the DH . Cashman I expect is thinking about plan B on both of those. Who knows what the deal with Bird is. He looks lost at the plate. If he is healthy you give him more time and see if he starts hitting. If he is either hurt or doesn't start hitting in a couple of weeks , they need to send him to Scranton to let him find his swing. He looks like the future at first base but may need a reboot. Carter has one of the worst swings I have ever seen. He is not the answer.Holliday is a slight concern. A stiff back this early into the season might be nothing , but it raises a question of his recent health history.

In any event, they are fun to watch.

Alphonso said...

Gee. Haven't I been saying this for weeks?

John M said...

So far, Bird is laying an egg.

The Ghost of Yankees Past said...

You have made some of these points , just not as comprehensively or articulately. :)