Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stick It

I sometimes like to read an article about a particularly satisfying game in the other team's newspapers the next day.  It can help put things in the proper perspective.

This was not the case in today's Boston Globe.  Apparently, Bostonians would prefer to stick their heads in the sand concerning the "The Redsock '17 Hall of Fame Superteam of Destiny (TM)"'s results against the Yankees last night.  There was precisely one article in today's entire Boston Globe concerning yesterday's game.  One.  To make matters worse, the article wasn't even written by a member of the Globe sportswriting staff.  It was something that was picked up from the Associated Press.

It seems all of Boston is pretending the game didn't happen and/or that it's not even worth writing about.  I look at this as a positive development in terms of restoring the historical balance between the two cities/teams.

Speaking of balance, there was one of those fun "Huh, whaddya know" factoids buried deep within the AP article:
In the last nine seasons, the teams faced each other 166 times and were 83-83. Even more interesting, they were 41-41 at Fenway and 42-42 at Yankee Stadium.
Here's hoping we take 18 of the 19 this year.  Chicken bastards.

[April 28 Update: There is ONE article in the today's Boston Globe on last night's thriller of a game ... and it was again picked up from the AP.  Dan Shaughnessy, Nick Cafardo, and all the other Red Sox columnists are MIA.  They are in denial.  This gets better every day.]


KD said...

If we beat Sale with Judge tater, let's see them ignore THAT!

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The swine.