Thursday, April 27, 2017

Raul Ibanez lost his job yesterday

Sad, sad day at ESPN. A hundred layoffs.

We love to make fun of Gammonites on this blog. (Jeez, who doesn't?) But I've gone through media payroll-cleansing days myself, and my heart goes out to everyone in Bristol, even the bastards who always favor the Redsocks. 

When it happened at the Syracuse Post-Standard, four years ago, some of the most emotionally affected people were those who kept their jobs, wrought with survivor's guilt, though it was never their fault. 

Raul got the hook. So did Jim Bowden, the minor league correspondent. So did Jayson Stark. 

The full list of the fallen is here.

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Leinstery said...

RAH-OOL, NOT COOOL. Raul be seeing you on the unemployment line. No but maybe ESPN should cut the 10 on air talent who probably comprise 80% of payroll rather what they're doing now.