Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kevin Millwood: The Poem

There is one pitcher nearing manhood,
His name, my friends, is Kevin Millwood.
He'd not bring Yankee poison pill-hood,
Or cause deep debt in dollar bill-hood.

In fact, he might just climb uphillhood,
As a Yankee, Kevin Millwood.
He'll beat those bums of old Brazilhood,
Colon? Freddie? They're not still good.

He won't collapse, like Jack and Jill would,
Spawn corrections, like George Will should.
Win 14? I think he still could!
Cashman: Sign him! Kevin Millwood!

1 comment:

Christina Hendricks said...

I wish you could sign the wood
As a prize I'd gift a feel
To show you that they're for real