Thursday, June 7, 2012

Since the International Juju Intervention (IJI) of May 21, the Yankees are 9-3

The recent Yankee winning streak has prompted certain pundits of the YESiverse to try and identify various reasons for the turnaround - such as pitching, fielding and hitting.

These people are fools.

The inescapable truth is that on May 21, this blog - and the millions of Yankee fans who support it - declared an International Juju Intervention (IJI). That night, we - the faceless fans of Yankeedom - stood together in front of our teevees and poured forth all the vibrating crapola that had been bottling up since the hell trade of Jesus Montero, and we let it fly.

The Yankees floundered that night, and a few Chicken Littles - (you know who you are, Mustang) - clucked off to hide under the coop of disbelief. The rest of us held our positions. We were rewarded with a five-game winning streak. You can look it up.

We stalled against the California Anaheims of Los Angeles - which is out of juju wi-fi - and then continued the IJI million fan march in Detroit.

The record since the IJI now stands at 9-3.

As this season continues, the so-called "experts" will conjure all their reasons why the Yankees started winning. They'll point to this. They'll point to that. Listen: They know nuthing.

The fans did it. Juju is as good a reason as anything you will hear from the mouthpieces and the note-takers. Never doubt it. Take a bow, Jujuverse.

Nine and three, baby. Nine and three.

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Stang said...

All you have to do is admit that it's 9-4. Which isn't bad. Do that, and we don't have a problem.