Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have we been overlooking Thomas Neal?

In mid-January, while the Yankees were feigning sleep on on nearly every MLB free agent in captivity, they signed Thomas Neal off the slag pile. He had been dropped by Cleveland, which seemed to say everything we needed to know.

But lately, considering the absence of hope in our AAA outfield - most recently defined by the signing of Ben Francisco - Neal is looking like a guy who might start in left field on opening day. In a battle of no-names, his is by far the most boring. No "Melky," no "Zolio," no "Adonis," no nothing. (His twitter feed is TDaddy, so there must be something there.) Here's his minor league career.

Last year, Neal was traded by San Francisco - the best-run organization in baseball - to Cleveland (fill in your own description) for the ageless Orlando Cabrera. He came up for nine games and hit .217.  Projected over an entire season, that would amount to an average of .217.

So here's the deal. The guy can play all three OF positions. He's 25 - younger than Melky Mesa (26) and not much older than Zolio Almonte (23). (Zolio, it should be noted, hit 21 HRs last year at AA. He also stole more bases than Neal.)

This spring, Zolio is hitting .211. That includes a HR on the first game. He has struck out four times.

Melky is hitting .222. He has 2 HR and 7 strikeouts. He is known to strike out wayyyy to often.

Neal is hitting .333. He has a HR. He has struck out three times. He's behind Juan Rivera and Ronnier Mustellier in average - but neither plays well on defense. Who knows? Thomas Neal could be the Russ Canzler of this 2013 Yankee team!


SanJoseKid said...

He played in San Jose. Anybody who can make it in San Jose can make it in the Stadium outfield. Isn't that what Sinatra said?

Anonymous said...

Thomas Neal could also be the older brother of Rerun
On a remake of What's Happening???
Or maybe Cashman wants Neal's prized I phone list of contacts in Cleveland and the AL circuit.
Cruising with Cashman. A documentary coming to YES
Network !

Anonymous said...

Give me your Barney Miller outfield goon squad!
What is the Yanx SWB outfield since Black railinged Ronnie M is doing the Uncle Lou thing. Platoon 3 b with that bill mueller type on Dave Miley squad
Trenton will have a tits outfield. Like Barbara!

Anonymous said...

Tx injury similar to Cliff Floyd 1995 with Expos versus Meta???

Anonymous said...

Matt Diaz adios
Leaving? Ichiro, The Constant Gardner, Ben Force10,
Thomas Neal, Dan Johnson, Juan Rivera, Travis Hafner.
Melky Mesa slipping into trade bait if he does not shorten that swing. Ronnie M. Versatility comes into play as SWB shuttle one option. ???

Anonymous said...

You meet Yanx fans even on Instagram. !

Anonymous said...

Bronx Barney Miller force?
Ben F, BB Robozi , Ichiro. , the Constant Gardner, Neal, DJ, ... No wonder Matt Diaz may be a Bisox.
Melky to SWB

Anonymous said...

Pineda. A flavor less HOR de hourves you need to add salsa to?? Or a Cashman flop despite the fact he had enough catchers to deal and Noesi is parked @ Tacoma by Seattle

Anonymous said...

Neal beats out Mesa for line- up mixture which no one
Phathomed this winter.
Line up vs Astros should be season opener
Another Dean Martin for a Yanx player. Once It was Amore! For Its Abreau now it's Volare! For Ottero!
Ottero must have toiled in Augusta and San Jose!
Fun mix at SWB and Trenton
The Constant Gardner. Ichiro. Rivera Force Ben 10
Hafner. BB, overbay should play considering the AARP mags read in clubhouse !!' Derek especially. !! Lol!
I still need a scorecard
Xavier Nady available , Copa swinger Cashman!
Birthday Easter Bunny

Anonymous said...

Copa Cashman world king the waiver wire like he is at Copa meat market! You cannot have them all Brrrrrian!