Thursday, August 14, 2014

Because the Yankees are too depressing to write about: Two conversations overheard at last night's Jackson Browne concert in Syracuse

Went to see Jackson Browne last night at the Landmark Theatre. Great show, but you already knew that, right?

At half-time, I went for a beer. Standing in line, I found myself in a crossfire of conversations.

In front of me, a white-haired guy told his friend that Browne's opening number - "I'll Do Anything" - was the song that was playing long ago, in the precise moment that he proposed to his future wife.

Behind me, a woman was saying that it was a good thing that her friend couldn't make it, after all, because she would never have navigated the theater's steep balcony steps with her new artificial hip.

Like I said, great show. But I will remember the ping-pong emotions of those two conversations as much as any song of the night. Getting old sucks.


KD said...

sounds like the Neil Young concert I attended at MSG a couple of years back. Never saw so many geezers toking up in one spot before..

joe de pastry said...

I'd rather go to a Patty Smyth concert.

Mister D said...

Could be worse. A couple weeks back I took my wife to a Panic At the Disco concert (she's a fan). We felt like chaperones. Thousands of teenage girls, all in groups or 3 or 4 with exactly one guy tagging along (gay friend? boyfriend? older brother sent for protection? boy desperately hoping this will give him the key to one of their pants?). Did you know the only thing louder than the engines of a jumbo jet is the united scream of thousands of horny teenage girls? And really, putting a 43 year old man in a crowd of young girls in halter tops and short-shorts bouncing up and down and up and down is pretty much the definition of entrapment.