Friday, July 17, 2015

ADB continued: The $62 million mistake

Siri... write this down.

On Feb. 23, Hal "i'm Not Cheap" Steinbrenner's buttery fingers pulled tight the drawstring on his silken "Hello Kitty" purse, and let the best available international prospect on the market, Yoan Moncada, go to the Redsocks for a measly $31 million - which meant Boston would have to pay another measly $31 million in luxury tax penaties.

Hal told us he isn't cheap. He is just thrifty. Got it, Siri. He's prudent. Money doesn't grow on trees, you know. It has to be moved carefully, via trust funds and dynastic investment strategies. Just because the Yankees are the richest franchise in sports doesn't mean they should fritter away the most money on players.

Well, Siri, Yoan the Moan got off to a terrible start, didn't hit a lick, which prompted the YES men to cackle and lift their brown noses high into the air, telling us how smart Hal is. We might have Boston's number this year - but nothing is for sure right now. But here's one thing you can count on: Boston will have this Moncada guy for the next eight years, while Hal is jingling the coins in his pocket. Woopie.

Siri get me a drink.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the idiot Steinbrenners are watching the moronic Buss family closely!