Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The rich man covets distant shores.
The poor man fights his endless wars.
The children learn to live without.
And Arod makes the final out.
The empires rise, the empires fall.
The history books record it all.
The poor, they suffer on throughout.
And Arod makes the final out.
The leaders perpetrate their crimes,
And blame their deeds on desperate times.
They launch their wars, with ne'r a doubt.
And Arod makes the final out.
The mighty Yankees, always first,
Their win the best; they lose the worst
When autumn brings that winter's drought...
When Arod's made his final out.


flavius said...

you're not even trying anymore, duque.

Josh in Townietown said...

Isn't it about that time of year for the annual Ted's Frozen Head post ?

bennyboy said...

Flavius, I challenge you to produce the dynamic art Duque creates. CREATES. He doesn't WRITE poetry. He CREATES it.

Yeah where is the Ted Williams Frozen Head Post? If this were the 2009 off-season it would be that and a post by Duque about how we NEED to sign John Lackey.