Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brian Cashman: Already On The Job


JM said...

If we lose our 'ace', maybe we can get an actual ace. Somebody who can win 20 and post an ERA under, say, 2.50. And hopefully, somebody who doesn't need to have his uniform made from the aggregate sailcloth of a fleet of tall ships. (Those Captain Morgan commercials have affected my brain.)

Or we could just get an ace and let our 'ace' be the great #2 he actually is. There's an idea.

And why are so many people bailing on Phil Hughes? Injury-prone at the moment, but this guy was not a fluke in 2010. Nova was not a fluke this year, either.

Of course, we could always bring up a couple of kids and actually let them learn how to pitch in the bigs. Or, we could sign a couple of fat, over the hill mediocrities and....oh, wait, that was this year.

But there's that fat thing again. New rule--you cannot be a Yankee, not even a Yankee pitcher, and be more than 10 pounds overweight. Period. No facial hair, no dreadlocks, no groovy tresses to the shoulders, and no fat guys.

That goes for the Steinbrenners, too. Let's get a little discipline going around here. But if somebody can figure out how to raise the Babe from the dead and restore him to 1927 form, that would be OK. He could be as fat as he wants, as long as he still reaches the short porch 50 or 60 times a year.

Chris Christie said...

body weight is not necessarily a deterrent to pitchers. it helps generate more power going downhill from the mound. It sure never hurt Colon.