Thursday, October 20, 2011

With all their Murdoch money, what if Texas goes after John?

The Rangers already had the blood-for-oil money. Now, they've signed on with the Dark Lord Murdoch. They can bring Barbara Bush back from the dead, just as they've electrified the grinning, horror corpse of Nolan Ryan. What's to say that Texas won't attempt to steal our lodestone, the Voice of the Yankees... The Master himself... John.

Can you hear t
he Sterling Silver Star... "on the Texas Ranger Radio Network, driven by Fox."

"You know, I've been to the Hebrew Lockup Home at Guantanamo Bay, and it's just like a college campus!"

"That was the 15th out of the ballgame, and fifteen bullets can save you up to fifteen illegal immigrants..."

"Ballgame over. Obama Administration soon to be over. Rangers win, thuuuuuuh Rangers win."
"A Cruz missile – Oh, Nellie! He’s the Nobel Prizewinner — my Nelson Manfella!"
"Josh, by gosh, hit it a ton, Hamilton."
"Michael Young. Young boy, get out of my mind, My love for you is way outa line. Make a run, boy, you're much too young boy."
"Ian Kinsler - Ian is believin'! Kinsler is in, sir!"

"I don't care what anybody says, you can't predict global warming, you just can't..."

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