Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can We Call It, " The Ju-Ju Spring?"

For one thing, this book is liberating.

For another, if translated into arabic, it will give all the arab baseball fans a great read, and a welcome diversion from some of the issues that
remain to be worked out in the transition of
various ( former and current ) governments in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Hezzboula, Algeria and Labia.

I have long held to the theory that baseball solves all ills. The Dominican Republic is a thriving island nation because of baseball. Haiti is a failed island nation ( same island for those couch potatoes reading this ) because it has no baseball.

Think what Abner Doubleday's game might do for the arabic cultures. Just throw a little water on the sand and you've got ballfields everywhere. The balls can be washed in the mud of the Nile before each season, just as mlb balls are washed in Delaware river mud.

Instead of a seventh inning stretch, there will be prayer breaks so that players and fans alike can meet their daily obligations. This modification to tradition, of course, makes it possible not only for day games and night games, but day/night double headers.

I would recommend handing out free, autographed copies of "Ju-Ju Rules" to the first 10,000 fans on opening day. Imagine; you're in Egypt next April at a business meeting ( loaning US funds to the military, for example ), eagerly awaiting the first pitch in history between the Cairo Cubs and the Barhain Redlegs, and some usher in a burqa hands you an American novelists' book on how to conduct yourself as a fan.

Hands across the sea.


bennyboy said...

In Islam, it is said that if you memorize Ju-Ju and recite it word for word it is a great blessing.

Joe De Pastry said...

Hand that touched the hand of the usher in the burqa cut off for violating Sharia law.

Sayonara Kid said...

JuJu حرروا !