Monday, April 30, 2012

Kay clarification: Radio apology to craven face of evil Texans was not apology

If you're scoring at home, Michael Kay says his radio apology to the vampire couple who would deny a crying child sustenance in the form of a baseball was not an apology, but an amended reconsideration.

On his radio show - yeesh, the guy practically lives on the air - Kay says he wishes he hadn't ripped the super-evil duo so close to their wedding day, which was Saturday. That bothers him, and rightfully so.

Everybody knows you don't slapdown low-hanging yuppie fruit-zygotes on national TV on the day-before tune-up for the lifetime co-mingle. It's just not cool. McCarver wouldn't do it. No, you wait until they seal the deal - when Satan himself approves the blood pact - then rattle their cage with a wooden cross. Two nights beforehand, you don't denounce them as kitty sand in front of the million-strong, chips-chewing Yankiverse. It was a gaffe, a blown tire in the booth.

The couple wants an apology. Kay will not cave.

"I did not apologize," he tweeted to the anxious world.

Limbaugh caved. Kay is standing his ground. Evildoers, beware.

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Algonquin J. Calhoun, Esq. said...

I again offer my services to the slandered couple. YES has very deep pockets.
Res ipsa loquitor.