Saturday, April 21, 2012

We should have done it!!!!!

Good Morning,

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's spectacular celebration of Fenway's 100 years of failure, disappointment and misery.

Three of us watched the ceremony and game from the comfort of one of Central NY's finest bars and, after each Yankee home run, we sang our impromptu version of, " Happy Birthday to Fenway."  Soon, everyone in the bar caught on and we had 4 more rounds of fun with raucous bellowing of this honorific song.

My idea, however, was far more sinister and one for the ages.  

Three weeks ago, I had suggested to both Hal and Hank that the Yankees, in conforming to the agreement to wear the early twentieth century " Highlander " replica uniforms for this historic gala event, secretly place the number 3 on the back of each Yankee uniform.  This would simply be our version of the league honorific utilized  a week or so earlier to recognize the amazing 
Jackie Robinson ( every player on every team wore #42 ).

Wouldn't a number 3 on each Yankee jersey have better punctuated the intensity, history and long-standing humiliation of the NY/Boston baseball rivalry? 

Can you imagine the crowd reaction as the Yankees, each wearing the Babe's number, came strolling out for the introductions while the pasty red socks shuffled about with blanks on their backs?  We could have won "in your face" honors for the next 100 years.

I think even "uber"baseball fan Caroline Kennedy would have applauded the creativity and irony.  After all, the whole rivalry began because the then impoverished red sock owner sold George Herman Ruth to the Yankees for tickets to, "No-No Nannette," right?

And what better testament to the Babe than the five home runs the Yankees rained down upon Boston's pitching?  They got a fair broadway show and we got the icon of baseball.  We got 27 championships and they have 2 ( which make us all gag ).  However, fair is fair.  We cannot deny the truth.

If George were still alive and well he would have approved this scheme, I'm sure.

As for Boston, the next 100 years are sure to fly by, and you will get a shot at redemption when celebrating 200 years at Fenway.

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Anonymous said...

Buck Foston says,

Well it took 99 years for the "Highlanders" to win a game.
Nice to c the name retired after 1 day.