Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Offense?

Did anyone notice yesterday that the Yankees barely scored one run?

Our powerhouse offense has everyone but Jeter, Swisher and our error machine, Nunez, hitting at or below .200.

I know, Cano will hit and so will Grandy.

But Tex has become a .238 power hitter who plays great defense. He is addled by the shift whenever he hits lefty ( I predicted he'll never bunt, despite all his spring training blather to the contrary ) and it has destroyed him as a regular contributor to the offense. However, he does save Jeter and A-Rod from "E's" about 2x per game. Worth $10 million a year I guess.

But with neither Tex nor A-Rod very dangerous anymore, the line-up can be a breeze. Against quality pitchers that is.

Remember last year? We won about 100 games but couldn't hit dick once we got against the Verlanders of the world. We are the same now. And Ibanez won't hit the quality pitchers either.

Now I'm beginning to be reminded of the same trend as last year; If we are behind early, the game is over. I know, we tied and beat the birds twice. But they are AAA.

As a sign off note ( I see a pitcher of bloody marys arriving ), please keep track of how Noesi and Montero do this season.

In return, never forget, we were traded the arm and velocity problem ( Pineda ) soft-tossing in Florida, and a no name in "A" ball who will never pitch for the Yankees. Meanwhile, our
new " Whitey Ford " (or did they equate him with " Ron Guidy ?" ), Banuelos, is on the DL with arm muscle problems and a 10+ ERA in AAA.

This reminds me of a story: once the Yankees had Joba, Ian Kennedy and Hughes, and were set for life. Ian is currently winning 20 games for another team, Joba is bouncing off the walls doing nothing for anyone, and Hughes can't pitch worth dick.

The next wave was to be: Andy Brackman ( released ...working out for the Knicks, perhaps?), Banuelos ( DL ) and Bettances ( who cannot gather his body to a consistent release point and, therefore, cannot throw strikes at the major league level ).

And did anyone see Ibanez play the outfield a loss or two ago? Talk about a guy with no position ( the fact that he once was good no longer counts ). So, how is it we traded a 22 year-old Babe Ruth type hitter ( because he had no position ) for a 37 year old who can no longer play a position?

What a deal; we pay more for much less.


el duque said...

Now you're saying Pineda will never throw a pitch for the Yankees?

That's harsh, man. That's harsh.

el duque said...

BTW, that was some fine juju directed at the hitters. It's exactly what we needed.

Alph said...

I said the no name in A ball will never pitch for the Yanks

Pineda will pitch then have arm surgery.

Thanks on the hitters.

Flavius said...


Hey do you not like the Michael Pineda trade? Or do you think it was a good move?

Anonymous said...

If the Yankees don't continuously score lots of runs, how will the fans get discounted Papa John's pizzas?