Monday, April 16, 2012

Tuesday: Juju Day in America... and RUSSIA!

The Living Room Radio Book Tour Schedule

11:30a-11:45a ET—WNST-AM (Baltimore, MD). "The Mobtown Sports Beat" show hosted by Thyrl Nelson.
12:35p-12:45p ET—WDOD-AM (Chattanooga, TN.) “The Show...with Chris Goforth.”
1:30p-2:00p ET—Voice of Russia Radio Network (WASHINGTON, DC). Live interview with Voice of Russia Radio Host Rob Sachs.
3:00p-3:15p ET—WIP-AM (Philadelphia, PA). Taped interview for the “Steve Trevelise” show.
3:25p-3:40p ET—WWCN-AM (FORT MYERS / NAPLES, FL). The “Miller and Moulton” show.
4:15-4:40p ET—WPIE-ESPN (Ithaca, NY) "Between the Lines."
4:45p-4:55p ET—WTSO-AM (Madison, WI). The “Mike Heller Show.”
5:40p-5:50p ET—WDUN-AM (ATLANTA, GA). “WDUN Afternoon Show” hosted by Katie B.
10:30p-10:45p ET—KPAM-AM (PORTLAND, OR). “NW Sports Tonight.”




John M said...

All that radio, and Schenectady. The second oldest commerical radio stations in the country. Regular TV since 1928. The city that lights and hauls the world. Home of Mike's on Erie Boulevard, the big road they made when they filled in the Erie Canal all the way down to the world headquarters of General Electric. Mikes', proudly serving Tobin's First Prize hot dogs and, if you're smart, with everything on 'em. Hometown of John Sayles, Daisy Miller, Shirley 'Cha Cha' Muldowney, and Doctor Octopus.

No Schenectady. It's disturbing.

BernBabyBern said...

Russia, but no Cuba?