Thursday, April 19, 2012

Losing two out three to Minnesota at home?

I'm not sure we understand the full implications of this.

Botching two out of three... at home... to Minnesota.

Yes, the Twins, the Twinkies, the meal. They are our kewpee doll, our chewing gum, our rented mule, our Scranton-Wilkes Barre, our GitMo, our Gingrich, our annual new Jenny McCarthy sitcom, our public access AM radio station, our compost pile, our empty can of Pabst. They're Minnesota, the team we beat.
If not for the Yankees, Ron Gardenhire is Tony LaRussa. And if not for the Twins, we miss the playoffs. Minnesota is how Arod pads numbers. The Twins are to Teixiera as gasoline is to fire.

Two out of three... at home... to Minnesota.

Seriously, now... in the fifth, down by onet, did anybody think we would lose that game? Hell no. We were playing Minnesota.

Tonight, they chase three out of four.

The ice just cracked beneath our feet.

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