Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yankeetorial: Barely three days after razing Boston, they are laughing at us

Didn't take long, eh?

We went to Fenway, sprayed some gasoline, put a funtime licking on them, lit a match and damn near had them fire Bobby Valentine. Wonderful weekend. Seems like last year.

Now, you can feel Boston smirking. They are like the Taliban. They know this year is lost for us - that we're already down to Nelson Figuroa and possible Sidney Ponsons -- and that, moreover, we have just witnessed a generational fiasco. For the next 15 years, they can merely say the name "Jesus Montero," and we will recoil into a painful cringe. They have our mantra. We are the fools, the laughinstock, the clowns of baseball - and our brain trust thought it was so clever.

Taken for a ride by Seattle. Taken for all we were worth. It's like in that movie with Redford and Newman, where in the end the fools don't even know they've been hoodwinked. We were so proud of our due diligence. We ran the guy through a centrifuge. We gave him a colonoscopy. His blood work checked out. He colored in the coloring books and stayed in the lines. But damn those things we didn't check - the fact that his velocity dropped like a ballsack last year, and that Seattle was so willing to deal him for a DH. Remember Bobby Valentine's analysis: If he's so good... why did Seattle trade him?

Bobby Valentine is smirking tonight. Imagine that. Three days. Didn't last long, eh?


Bye Bye Balboni said...

You think Pineda will pitch more games for the Yanks than Britt Burns?

Moneyplays said...

What are you drinking tonight el duque? I'd laugh if I wasn't crying so hard.

joe de p said...

remember game 3 in 2004?
we clobbered them, like we did on saturday.
then came the worst disaster in the history of the franchise.