Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jeet's living room: Analyzed

The NY Post says el Capitan is peddling his NYC crib for $18 M.
Thus, we - the cow-eyed, booteless and unticketed masses - have been gifted a rare opportunity to intrude onto Jeet's private bachelor lifestyle. Consider these four notes:

1. The piano. Wait a minute. A piano? Who knew? Does Jeet come home after a Yankee defeat and tickle the ivories, maybe cover Kansas' "Dust in the Wind," or Jack Nicholson's fake-performance of Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" in that 1997 movie that won Helen Hunt an Oscar, before she started power-dieting her way toward Skeletor City? A little Barry? A little Billy? Do guests sit at his bar and put bread in his jar and say, 'Jeet, what are you doin' here?'

2. Telescope. Pointing down. No moon-gazing. Screw the cosmos. Jeet is focusing at street pedestrians. Hmm. What could he be trying to see? Hmm.  HMM.

3. Game table. The outer ring suggests a horse race game, where each guest tries to get his (or her) steed around the track, maybe by squirting water from a pistol or blowing into a straw. What fun. The center pad suggests dice. Dungeons and Dragons? A little medieval role play should keep a team in tip-top mental condition.

4. Assorted nicknacks on coffee table. From here, hard to say. I'm betting Leggo model Titanic or one of those Hess Truck toys, which can only be purchased in Hess stations. Maybe he collects them? He might play theme from "Titanic" on the piano, then focus on the rackolas of passers-by, while pondering the vagaries of life. Anything to survive a Yankee defeat.

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