Sunday, December 28, 2014

7 Things Game Announcers Say That Giants Fans Have Heard A Million Times Before

"Coughlin is livid!"

"The Giants have to get better on converting when they're in the Red Zone."

"Eli wishes he had that one back."

"Coughlin is not happy!"

"The Giants grabbed the lead with only [4,3,2,1] minute(s) to go, but the defense simply could not stop the [OPPONENT NAME HERE] drive."

"This Giants rookie has a great career ahead of him."*

"And after another disappointing season, you have to wonder if Coughlin's tenure is coming to a close."

"There are some real holes that have to be addressed in the offseason."

*Usually on another team.


Anonymous said...

$72,000 in fines. Hah!

el duque said...

And they'll say them all again next year.

Why would anybody expect the Giants to be good next year? What will the coaches do differently? For four years now, they have steadily deteriorated. The only interlude in an eight year malaise is the five-game winning streak, when a 9-7 team got hot and won the Super Bowl. They never built on it. And the more they flounder, the more it looks like just a random event.