Monday, December 29, 2014

World Disappointment Summit: A-Rod meets Harbaugh, (Carmelo Anthony is no-show)

Check this out: The newest torture scenario cooked up by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to celebrate the firing of coaches.

In the ideal ending to the 49ers wretched season yesterday, outgoing coach Jim Harbaugh met with - who else! - A-Rod! The two media lint magnets enjoyed a 20-second power talk - coded secretly into low-impact, howdeedoo banter - as Harbaugh took his death march as coach.

Imagine the coach's delight: His team just finishes 8-8, so defying fan expectations that the franchise actually tried to trade him - a veritable San Francisco Cervelli - chasing him to Michigan. Then, and as he's walking through the corridors of Hell - (Note the above caption, a rarity in that it includes the words "Alex Rodriguez" and "bowels") -  preparing to address his troops for one final time, and then ... there he is! The Yankee Pariah. Who but W.B. Mason could have expected this? You can watch if you want.

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