Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yanks Deal For Another .220 Hitter !!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Christmas season.

Where Brian Cashman is quietly sliding down chimneys, delivering gifts to others.

Shane Greene, for example, was removed from our starting line-up and dished to Detroit…or is it Arizona?  He was likely the best surprise from the Yankee farm system since Yangervis Solarte had a hot month in the bigs.  A pitcher who threw strikes, stayed healthy, showed up and won games.

In return, we got Dido or Dinus somebody, who is expected to hit in the .220-.230 range, and play part-time with a sure-thing 220 hitter, Stephen Drew.  That is what I call a  plum pudding.

And Robbie is, of course, gone.  Talent these days costs a fortune in cash and years.  So Cashman went for the fruit cake, rather than the creme brûlée, signing a lefty closer named Miller.  Just reflect, for a moment, on the lefties we have hired as specialists during the past several years of failure.  Each one gripped us with stomach pain as soon as we beheld him, sloshing toward the mound in a key situation.

Now, perchance, Santa Brian, has delivered us another one.  And this is not just a dude signed to get out Big Pappy once in a decade.  This is a guy with major responsibility for protecting all our 2-1 leads.

I am curious as to the strategy here;  trade certainty and proven worth in the Bronx, for a carrot?  Robbie did as well as can be done, replacing a legend, for a team never to see the playoffs.

Maybe that is the key insight;  if we never get to an important game ( e.g. the playoffs and more ), no one ever gets fairly compared to Mariano.  So what difference does it make?  Losses inside the bubble of mediocrity are just losses.  Anyone can give them up.

It doesn't matter what Brian's next Christmas present is.  As long as we keep exchanging little blue boxes from Tiffany's for items purchased at the second-hand store, the team will keep looking like rag dolls with bugs.

Me?  I can't wait to see the big gift we get from the mid-season amateur draft.  Remember the thrill of Cito Culver?  Who is that, you say?

Just another reindeer who can't get a harness at Xmas time.  Hitting about .220.

Merry merry.


Equally cantankerous Anonymous said...

Harold Reynolds, or someone like him, commented that good shortstops were in limited supply, unlike pitchers. Is that why the Yankees dealt Shane Green? It is not like the current staff has an abundance of proven starting pitching. I just don't get it, Alphonso. The trade suggests that mediocrity and money are at work here, not a sincere attempt to improve the starting lineup and pitching corps.

Alphonso said...

Right with you.

Anonymoid said...

An innocent question: why do you guys seem to enjoy the role of flies buzzing around a piece of shit? It's time to fly away.