Sunday, December 21, 2014

Giants launch post-season drive with big victory over Rams of St. Louis

Now in sight: 
7 and 9 season! 
Saint Redface returns! 
no changes, whatsoever! 
and the 16th pick!


Alphonso said...

yup. And we called it when they went down to play Tennessee.

What this means is:

1. Two years in a row, the Giants are out of contention early.
2. Two years in a row, they win not a
single " meaningful" game.
3. Two years in a row, they don't beat a team against a quality QB.
4. Two years in a row , the Giants feast on teams that have folded their tents.
5. Two years in a row, the delusions set in that we are just," an injured player away," and don't need to do anything different.
6. Two years in a row, we ignore the offensive line, linebacker and other core positions.
7. Next year; the exact same results.

Anonymous said...

Odell Beckham, Jr. is a wienie. Real NY Giants have class, like Y.A. Tittle. Trade the little creep for a first round draft pick while you can get value out of his hide.