Friday, December 19, 2014

The guys we got

Today, the Yankees traded the eminently tradable Martin Prado and long-term bullpen lugnut David Phelps to the Florida Miami Dolphins, Heat, Devil Rays, Marlons, Marlins for 24-year-old RH Nathan Eovaldi, 33 year-old 1B Garrett Jones and a 21-year-old pitching prospect by the name of Domingo German.

(BTW, this officially makes Prado a journeyman.) 

Supposedly, Eovaldi was the Marlins' version of Phil Hughes, circa 2013, so maybe a change of scenery will do some good. He looks good coming off the bus - 6'2, 215 - and throws hard.

Anyway, here is the skinny on Eovaldi.

Here is the deal on Garrett Jones. As you can see, he's very Overbayish and two-years past peak foliage. He bats LH, and the Yankees supposedly wanted him several years ago, whatever that's supposed to mean.


1. Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela will fight it out for 2B. (Fine with me. How bad can they be? Last year we handed 2B to Brian Roberts, until June, when we realized Mr. Oriole was done.)

2. A-Rod is almost never going to play in the field. Even if Teixeira gets hurt, they've got another backup firstbaseman. (It's also interesting to recall that the team went all of 2013 playing Beltran, Cervelli, McCann and Prado as backup 1B.)

3. They're claiming Eovaldi has focus issues, and he'll flourish under pitching coach Larry Rothschild. Maybe. But I'm skeptical when hearing how those superior Yankee minds will do what other teams couldn't. For five years, they were touting Kevin Long as the mystical, scientific hitting coach... then fired his butt three months ago.

4. The last guy, Domingo German, is actually Domingo Jean with a wig and nose job.


JM said...

And who could forget the great Meryl Streep, screaming, "The Domingo stole my baby!"

Anonymous said...

Prado hit .316 for the Yanks? Did anyone else hit .300?

el duque said...

I think Cervelli did, but I know what you mean.

Holy crap: We've traded our only two .300 hitters. Has anybody noticed this?

Parson Tom said...

Eovaldi was the key to the deal, right? Here's how the NY Times summarized his career:
"Eovaldi was 6-14 with a 4.37 earned run average for the Marlins last season, when he also gave up the most hits (223) in the National League. His career E.R.A. is 4.07, all in the N.L., and he has been victimized by big innings. But last season he threw 1992/3 innings in 33 starts — more innings than any Yankee threw in 2014 (Hiroki Kuroda had 199), and more than Sabathia, Pineda and Nova combined."
So, great, he gets shelled but he eats up innings. And for this we gave up a .300 hitter?