Friday, December 19, 2014


Jeez, he's practically going to be in my back yard. 
Technically, he's moving to Skaneateles. In fact, there is no difference between Skaneateles and Syracuse. They are one and the same. People use the names interchangeably.


KD said...

The captain is now officially a snowbird.

Not Anonymous said...

do we hate this trade too? can never tell with you guys.

seems we freed up room for Ref/Pirela/etc at 2B by moving Prado (which we want!), got a 24 year old power pitcher in exchange for 28 year old Phelps (sounds good!), and actually have a real back up first basemen (something they should have already had, but hey).

Anonymous said...

If Jete shows up on your porch, El Duque, and he's carrying a gift bag, lock your wife in the closet.