Thursday, December 4, 2014

Generous and forgiving IT IS HIGH readers would send the Big Unit and Pedro - two of the greatest Yankee killers of our era - to Cooperstown

"The voters have spoken... the bastards."
- Legendary political plumber Dick Tuck -

Randy Johnson, John Smoltz and Pedro Martinez are the top picks for Cooperstown, according to this blog's wise, all-knowing and truly forgiving readership.

I lobbied for Mike Mussina, and always will push every button within reach for Donnie Baseball. But I cannot fault these selections. Bravo, readers.

Listen: I've got nothing against 14-year-old Yankee fans - I was one myself, three years ago - but a website that caters to such critters might have voted only Yankees to this list. You did not do that. Frankly, when the Gammonites make their selections, they will not choose a better class.

I believe that, inevitably, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will be inducted into the Hall. They will probably be dead. (Certainly, many of the current Gammonites will be dead.) But at some point, around 2040, some influential sportswriter - Micha Lupica III - will write a long, agonizng column about the need to forgive - it will be larded with the vagaries of human existence - and to open the Hall to Bonds and Clemens, and maybe even A-Rod and Pete Rose. That will create a new pack mentality, and everything will get wrapped up into a nice pretty bow, the way it always does, in the end.

I don't care. I'll be worm food. You'll be worm food. We'll all be worm food. But it will be a nice occasion. And the people will say, "Wow, those guys back then, they really lived through some crazy times."

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