Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yankees release "torture report"


Alphonso said...

Great. Now we are more like the White Sox ( a run of the mill , weak contender ) than we are like the Royals( made it to the WS and gave a great performance ).

Meaning; the Yankee's bullpen might be able to hold the fort, 80% of the time, in the 8th and 9th innings, if we have a lead or tie.

The Royals' games are pretty much over and done with after 6 innings, if they have a lead.

I figure our starters are good for about 4 innings and 3 runs, or 4 runs. The Yankees will, of course, only score 2 or fewer in nine innings.

Another lost year, before it begins.

Do the math.

Not Anonymous said...

A friendly reminder that now 2 of the White Sox top 3 pitchers are former Yankees (Jose Quintana and Robby)

Oh and don't forget their All-Star Cuban signed for dirt cheap for whom the Yankees didn't even put in a token bid to jack up the price.

Watch them resurrect Hector Noesi next year too (okay that one's unlikely).