Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Seattle signs Nelson Cruz: I know a bad ballclub that swallowed a guy

I know a bad team that signed a Cano,
For 10 years or so, signed Robbie Cano,
Maybe he'll grow...

I know a bad team that had Jesus Montero,
Who wiggled and jiggled his Golden Sombrero...
They figured Montero could follow Cano,
No way to let go, they're stuck with Cano,
A fat wad of dough...

I know a bad team that signed Kendrys Morales,
I speak without malice: He shouldn't go braless.
They signed Morales to replace Montero,
Who sputtered and fluttered and swang like a sparrow,
They figured Montero would follow Cano,
They're stuck with Cano, for 10 years of so...
A tough way to go.

I know a bad team that signed Nelson Cruz,
So messed up on booze, they signed Nelson Cruz.
They signed Nelson Cruz to follow Morales,
He should play in Dallas, that Kendrys Morales,
They tried Morales to follow Montero,
Who was flustered and busted like Rafael Palmeiro,
They figured Montero could salvage Cano,
Who when going to first still runs mighty slow...
Oh well, doncha know?

I know a bad team who could use a new man...

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Anonymous said...

This is STUPID!