Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Chance To Get Used To Meaningless Games

Today, at 1 pm (est), the Giants play the Eagles and the Jets play the Dolphins.

Neither game means anything; except a draft pick position.  The Giants have already screwed up any chance of getting what they need, but the Jets can still get a top three pick if they lose.

Other than that;  the games mean nothing.  Vacation begins at 4pm for all the coaches, players, owners and fans.

So what am I saying?  And why?

You can sleepwalk, or just doze off, during either of these games and miss absolutely nothing.

That is practice for the Yankee's 2015 season.

By 60 games into the season, each game will be a " call-in."  Nothing interesting to watch.  No sparkling young players to cheer.

No Derek.  No Mo.  No Jorge.  No Bernie.  No Andy.

The Yankees will compete for nothing next year.  No big games.  Nothing meaningful.

Get used to it.  Start today.

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