Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ladies and gents, a tip of the hat, please, to Andrew Miller: He turned down a bigger offer to choose the Yankees.

Long, long ago, in a universe far, far away - (I'm thinking 1962, somewhere in Ohio) - the idea of donning the uniform of the New York Yankees was a huge, life-transforming event, akin to a first boner. When veteran reliever Pedro Ramos escaped the Third World conditions of Cleveland for the Bronx, it added 5 MPH to his fastball. Of course, back then, the Yankees were a dynasty, like U.S. Steel. These days, the closest we have to dynasties are the SF Giants and Google, and nobody knows how either does it...

... Which is my convoluted lead-in to the news today that Andrew Miller - the newest pitcher who shall attempt to lessen the loss of the Great Mariano - turned down a $40 million offer from Houston to sign a $36 million deal for the Yankees.

Bravo, sir.

That's four million clams, four million reasons to play for the Astros in a ballpark that doesn't turn fly balls into grand slams. That's at least 16 trials per season against the brutal batting orders of the Redsocks, Blue Jays, Rays and Orioles - which is 60 chances to get booed off the mound. Yet Miller wanted to be a Yankee, and to play in the AL East, and - have I said this yet? - BRAVO, SIR!

Let me put this in the simple, mean-spirited terms that you've come to expect from this site:

Andrew Miller - who never played for the Yankees - holds the team in higher regard than Robbie Cano did last year, when he went grubbing for a few extra thin dimes. Robbie, as we all know, chose the money-money-money, turning his back on the Yankees, their legacy, his lifetime career and the loyal fan base. Don't get me wrong. We can't blame Robbie for signing a ridiculous deal. A player gets one chance at the gold mine, and... loyalty? Come on, what is that, anyway? Robbie is set for life. No hard feelings... (frickin' jogger.)

But Andrew Miller wants to play for the Yankees. Imagine that.

Soon, we will learn the fate of David Robertson, maybe the last great homegrown Yankee. Like almost everyone, I sincerely hope Robby returns, because it could mean the best Yankee bullpen in maybe 50 years, since Pedro Ramos parachuted onto River Ave. I hope the Yankees expand their offer to Robertson, because he's worth it. But if he wants to eek out a few extra bottle deposits - well - maybe a Robbie is just a Robby, and we must simply wish say goodbye and wish them luck. There are still players out there who want to be Yankees. Bravo, sir. Enjoy the boner.

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ceeja said...

I want to see Robertson get his money, but no reason for the Yankees to overpay. They overpaid A Rod, Beltran, Clemens, Johnson, Brown, R. Soriano, A. Soriano, Pavano, McCann, Teixeira, C.C. I'm sick of it.

Just a marginal level of competence would have given the present management the salary flexibility needed to rebuild.