Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nine Reasons why CC Sabathia "freaked out" at Newark Airport last weekend

"As one source put it, "CC started freaking out" on airline staff -- and that's when someone called the NY Port Authority for help."  TMZ.com

What happened?

1. He just heard the news that Derek Jeter has retired.

2. Autograph hounds mistook him for Manute Bol.

3. He was caught wearing a baggy suit from 2006, which now concealed his wife and two kids.

4. He saw on the wing a hideous gremlin, which looked disturbingly like Larry Rothschild.

5. The security scan revealed a tear in his elbow.

6. He didn't realize he had to fly; he thought he could just mail it in, one more time.

7. The airline refused to handle the baggage of his last three seasons.

8. He saw Chris Capuano, and knew the Yankees cannot afford to have their two aces on the same flight.

9. He found himself seated next to Michael Kay. Three hours. Think about it.


ceeja said...

No. 6 -- priceless

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Agreed that No. 6 is priceless. No. 9 made me laugh, too.

If you don't care to slog through the rest of the TMZ sludge (e.g., Kim K. is making daughter North W. wear a "baby bra"!), this link will take you to the CC story directly.

Manute Bol Sabathia doesn't look too good in this hard-hitting piece of sports journalism. Perhaps his lumbago and assorted elbow and knee chips were making him cranky.

Is it April yet?

JM said...

Poor CC. The arm that made Milwaukee infamous.