Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cashman's Genius At Play Again

Brian Cashman is the only " baseball person" in America, who didn't get the " force " of a bullpen that lined up as follows

9th - David Robertson
8th  -Miller or Bettances
7th  -Bettances or Miller

A force such as this in the bullpen simply means that even our crappy starters and middle relief pitchers only have to, alone or in combination, deliver 6 innings of respectable baseball to keep the Yankees in games.

Maybe what Brian knows, but won't reveal, is that his intended Yankee line-up will rarely deliver as many as 2 runs per game and, therefore, " keeping the Yankees in the game" doesn't really matter.  I hope this is the case because, if not, then Cashman is even more useless as a GM than I imagined.

So now, the whole 2015 team-rebuilding approach belly flops.  We all know that Miller and Bettances aren't perfect, so the Yankees now need 7 innings to get to them, and of what use are they when our opponents blow the game open in the 7th inning?

If we are down by 5 runs at the end of 7 innings, will we ever see either Bettances or Miller?  We could go the entire season without one meaningful moment for these two.

So let's turn to the good news.  What came out of all this chicanery is that we get an " oreo" pick from the loss of Robertson.  How much is that worth?  The nearly $50 million that was paid to Robertson by the White Sox or, rather, that the Yankees chose not to pay him?

I think; maybe 50 cents.

Brian Cashman , and his team of incompetent, ignorant dolts who scout talent, and recommend our draft pick selections, have zero chance of identifying a ballplayer who can become a star in our system.
Year after year, easily for a decade now, they have produced miserable results.  I am serious when I say that the Yankees would have more talent in their minor league system right now, if they had drawn eligible names out of a hat for the last ten years.

So finageling a sandwich pick, in this case, is like shooting oneself in the foot.

Yankee fans are totally screwed.


Not Anonymous said...

The Steinbrothers' artificially low budget and "no-extensions" policy are the reasons we lost Robertson.

Robertson could have been locked up for much cheaper a year or two ago if they were unwilling to pay him now. You might recall that this is also how they lost a certain jogging 2B.

The farm system debacle is of course entirely on Cashman & co. If the current round of hyped kids in A-ball don't pan out then I think even Hal finally fires him.

Uhlrich said...

Robertson's stuff is not overwhelming. He was not worth big bucks for a long-term deal. In a couple of years at most that deal would have been another millstone.

It was a far greater blunder to trade Shawn Green for an unproven, no-hit shortstop. That one will gnaw for a long time.