Sunday, July 17, 2016

90 down...

Interesting that an article on the Hellspawn Network is all about the Yankees' mean reversion. Any win streak balanced by a losing streak, two steps forward, two or three steps back. I think Alphonso is ghostwriting on the side.

Also more and more articles about how the team should be selling into the trade deadline and start rebuilding with The Kids from Scranton (soon to be a major motion picture starring Huntz Hall).

Beltran is on the trading block, so they say, along with Arnoldis and CC.

44-46. We have 72 games still left. Do we have to play them? We don't have to watch or listen to them, that's for sure. Last night I eschewed the game for binge watching "Apocalypse WWI", which was only slightly less gut-wrenching.

A reminder that in 1966, we were 40-49-1. It might seem like a fairly large gap in a way, and the 1966 season record may ultimately be out of reach (19 under), but you never know. Our second-half schedule has been rated the toughest by somebody at Hellspawn, with 58 games against teams over .500.

19 under isn't really a total stretch.

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