Wednesday, July 20, 2016

No arguments here, just sayin'

This guy is having one hell of a year. Last year, he was terrible. With us, he was misused and middling. But this is pretty incredible for a 42-year-old. Maybe Donnie showed him a thing or two. And he's playing for an actual contender.

I've always liked the guy (you may have noticed). Stays in great shape, keeps his bats in custom carrying cases, coming up on 3,000 hits, had that 10-year 200-hit streak, attracts cute Japanese women to the stadium...hope the Marlins hang in there and knock out the Nats, if not more.

Good luck, Ichiro-san.


el duque said...

As a Yankee, he always performed with dignity. I just wanted more walks.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

That graphic claims he's 6'0", 173 lbs? Really? In my mind, I always see him at 5'8" and maybe 160lbs. Regardless, he's a talented natural hitter who makes the most of what he's got.

I have nothing but respect for Ichiro and wish him the best. It will be a fun day for all of baseball when he hits his 3000th.

Anonymous said...

It was sickening, watching moron Girardi misuse him. What a waste it was, when the Yankees had him. It was a pity that the Yankees did not have a manager (no capital m for Girardi)

Alphonso said...

The problem for the Yankees has long been:

1. Baby Hal, who never did a productive or meritorious thing in his over-privledged life.

2. Brian Cashman, the league's worst general manager and, therefore, a highly desirable trading partner for all other teams.

3. Joe Girardi, who has decided to wilt and dry up at the new Yankee stadium.

The players, regardless of the name on their jersey, do try hard. They are ballplayers. Some used to be very good. Few still are.