Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Worst Outcome Is Becoming More Likely

All of a sudden, Ivan Nova is pitching like the 20 year old Doc Gooden.

The team is still restricted to two runs per game on most nights but, suddenly, that is all we need.

We are playing the AL East leaders, a team that devastates others by scoring a league leading number of runs per game.  They are the best in virtually every offensive category, including runs scored from the 7th inning on.

But last night, down 2-1, they all struck out or hit soft liners to Gardy who, while he can't steal a base, can turn on his amazing speed and catch up to sinking fly balls.

The Orioles were rendered impotent.  Buck Showalter was pulling out his hair.

And little, " do nothing for his money," Hal Steinbrenner could sip his imported bordeaux and contemplate again calling the news media, to convey his pithy messages of optimism

The trade talks, however,  are in danger of drying up or, worse, reversing.

The opportunity to recognize what this team is and to lay a foundation for the future, deteriorates with each Yankee win.

The Orioles must start playing like the Orioles, or we are going to start dealing prospects.

There is fear in the land.


JM said...

It's disappointing to see that we are not playing as badly as we know we can.

Perhaps a pep talk by Girardi. He could crib some of it from a Torre pep talk, perhaps, to ensure its efficacy.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

It pains me beyond measure to say this, but the Redsux organization has reshaped in the best possible way. As I prey and prey for a total Yankee meltdown (my existential nightmare realized), I'm reminded that Halexit and Co haven't a clue on how to rebuild, to put it MILDLY! New management JuJu is the only answer,,,,,

joe de pastry said...

The Orioles obviously threw an intentional beanball at Rodriguez on an 0-2 pitch after his homerun. Where was the retaliation? [Don't hit somebody in the head but make him duck! Fuck Showalter!] This team has no spunk, among other things. Where's Vic Raschi when you need him?

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Good news folks.

The Yankers beat up on Jo Anne Worley tonight.

Not even Judy Carne, let alone arods ex-girlfriends mom.