Sunday, July 3, 2016

Yankees Return To " egg Sucking" in Pursuit of Mediocrity

Oddly enough, Brian Cashman does not regard this scene as season threatening.  The egg sucker in the S.S. Fat Guy is badly listing to the aft end.  One fart, and the ship keels over, stem to stern.

The egg sucking Yankees are exactly the same.

The anemic offense received great pitching support early this morning ( east coast time ).  If they could repeat their usual 2 run outburst over nine innings, this game could still be going on.

 In a way, that would be news worthy because the 8,432 paying patrons at the game would all have fallen asleep, while sitting up.  Possibly a Guinness record for simultaneous human impact due to boredom.

Sadly,  the Yankee offense tanked again.  I am just speculating here, because I absolutely, positively did not tune in the game, but I would blindly wager that the Pods were pitching some recently called-up rookie.   Someone the Yanks gave up in the " Rule 5 draft," perhaps.

The good news is;  a brief winning streak will bring this Yankee powerhouse back to .500 and keep them solidly in the race to nowhere.

Another week can go by during which our General Manager, our Manager and our Presumptive Owner can claim that, " it is far too early to decide if the Yankees will soon by buyers or sellers."

They are the only people in the universe of major league baseball who don't see the Yankee Clipper ship going nowhere fast.  Sinking is the only reality they would be able to see.  If the boat goes to the bottom, and remains there, perhaps ownership/management will take some action.

On the other hand, whenever they do, the team seems to get worse.

So keep sucking on those egg shells.

At least that isn't boring.

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