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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seven moves for the Yankees to have a meaningful second half

1. Bat Didi Gregorius 2nd or 3rd in the lineup. He is our best player. Put him up there. He deserves the star attention, and he also actually drives in runs.

2. Play A-Rod at first. Frankly, it's his best (and maybe) last chance to help this team. If he tweaks a boner, so be it. If he refuses to take the field, send him to Triple A. Let's see if Lady Google will watch him playing in Scranton.

3. Trade Austin Romine. No, it's not to punish him. It's to reward him. This is the guy who trailed Jesus Montero all those years through the minors, the guy we gave up on seven times. He's turned into a fine back-up catcher, but he needs freedom. We trade him, maybe we get a prospect. Doesn't matter. Gary Sanchez is our future catcher, and let's get him up to the Bronx. (Meanwhile, a 26-year-old, Double A, system fodder catcher named Kyle Higashioka has evolved into an intriguing presence. The guy was always considered a defensive catcher who could not hit. For the last few months, he's been mashing. He needs to be in Scranton.)

4. Trade Aroldys Chapman. We gave up four kids to get El Chapo. Two were solid prospects. We could get at least two in return. If Chapman walks this winter, we'll receive a sandwich round draft pick. Woopie. It's time to think long range. Besides, the Betances-Miller-Chapman axis is more a sideshow than a winning formula. A team with this many problems doesn't need three closers.

5. Put Rob Refsnyder in left field. We have too many lefty bats, and Brett Gardner has turned into a low-average, no-power, never-steals nothing burger. I love Gardy, but he's now been in the tank for any entire season. Maybe he should platoon. The Yankees must find Refsynder a position and let him play. (If not LF, do something with Castro, who is starting to reveal why the Cubs cut bait.)

6. Explore the trade market for CC Sabathia and Carlos Beltran. Listen: You can't just trade these guys for the sake of trading them. They are respected veterans. You can't disrespect players of such stature. Besides, the sad truth is, we won't get anything. But let's face it: Neither will be around for the next Yankee pennant, whenever that is. If they can go a playoff team, they'll be happy, and it clears space for youngsters, such as...

7. Promote Ben Gamel from Scranton. In a perfect world, I'd say we try Aaron Judge in RF. But he blinged a knee and is out for a month, and that means he'll be lucky to get a September cup of coffee. Gamel has now put together a great season at Scranton - his second. Good grief we can't continually let prospects rot down there, especially when we're fielding a boring team of also-rans.

Obviously, these ideas hinge on the next few games. If the Yankees get hot, the front office will probably go all in and trade Sanchez and Gamel - or somebody - for another Vernon Wells. (Sorry for the pessimism, but how can you NOT be skeptical?) If they tank, the chorus will grow for major changes - more than above.

I don't care. Right now, anything beats a team destined to hover around .500 through eternity. I can't think of a worse Yankee hell than what we have.


Alphonso said...

Yup. Yup. And Yup.

P.S. What is Castro doing that edged the Cubs toward relieving themselves (of him)?

Tom said...

yeah? hasn't Castro been one of the key contributors propping up this mediocre team?

hate to admit, I don't actually watch very often. but Castro seems to have more key hits than just about anybody except Beltran.

Mustang said...

Castro had a nice April.

John M said...

Duque, you make a lot of sense.

That's why they won't do any of it.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

If they demote A-Roid to Single-A, and he doesn't show up, does he still get paid?

Anonymous said...


Cel said...

Good advice for Cashman but although i love McCann why not trade him since Romine and Sanchez have much more upside. MCCann hasnt helped much this year like many of our veterans. This is a make or break stretch...if it is the latter..bring the kids up and get what you can for the vets. Keep Miller and Betances and trade Chapman. The Yankees should treat Beltran with dignity after what he has done this year. If not for him, CC, and Didi watching every game this season would have been very difficult. Team seems as complacent as the front office.