Monday, July 11, 2016

Dead Week In Sports

We do have the homer hitting contest, without steroids, to look forward to.

It is difficult for me to imagine anything less interesting.  Batting practice with a promotional purpose.  Listening to my professor conjugate obscure Latin verbs was more interesting to watch.

The NBA, of course, never sleeps and they have some form of summer league designed to peak our interest.  Personally, the NBA finals never peaked my interest.  The NCAA tournament is when my basketball interest peaks and ends.

The NFL is still nearly 3 weeks away from " media day," which is about as appealing to me as reviewing my teachers' comments on my progress in eight grade.  Only after the slow torture of media day is completed, do the all-day practices begin ( with limited contact, of course, and media restricted to the southeast corner of one of nine practice fields).

Wimbledon is over.  So no more strawberries and cream.  Serena won for the 20th time, I think.  Not sure if I can identify the male winner.   Not an American, that is for certain.

Golf is going on in some fashion. The Women's Open, I think.  I have no idea where they are playing, but I'm certain it is at a restricted golf club of some sort.

The Olympics begins in August, if any athletes decide to attend.  Between that new bug that shrinks babies' heads,  the riots, the turds floating in the sailing venue waters, and the unfinished stadiums for key events, the Olympic spirit has taken a tumble for me.  Brazil is becoming the new Venezuela, where people have to go to Columbia for food.

Hockey must still be in full swing.  With teams from Texas and Florida getting all the early ink.  But I can't watch when I don't know the name of 80% of the teams. And I am old-school, believing there is a seasonality to every sport.  Hockey finals in June grates.

 And boxing is better if you want to see a real fight.  Speaking of boxing....I have no comment.  Ali is gone.

The Euro Cup finished up yesterday ( the 51st game of the tournament ) in an endless match of defense, and "might have been."  Let's all give a hand to Portugal.

Baseball, they say, begins again on Friday. Only 5 days from now.

Until that happens, we are in a dead zone.

I must find a means to endure.  To suffer through the doldrums.  To sleep, perchance to dream.


Local Bargain Jerk said...

I must find a means to endure.

A pitcher filled with sidecars won't do it?

Alphonso said...

A pitcher a day keeps the doctor at bay. Good thinking.

JM said...

Was just thinking of a nice sidecar this morning. Something to look forward to when I end my self-enforced fat removal program in a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...