Saturday, September 3, 2016

Does The Dreaming Stop tonight?

For those of you who have been dreaming of a positive, "double whammy'" for the Yankees, tonight will be the true test.

The double whammy of course is:

1.  We trade away talent for prospects and build for the future.

2.  Some of the prospects we elevated to the big club help the Yankees get to the show.

We win, while re-building.  Double whammy.

To do so, we have to win every series.  Last night, we lost 8-0 and the game was over early.

So, we have to win tonight.  Clean and simple. If we lose, we can't win the series against the O's and our chances for the post season swirl down the sink.

Here is the dilemma;  the prospects ( Sanchez is now the grizzled pro ) have to play every day.  They  ( Judge and Austin ) are currently over-whelmed by big league pitching.  They are playing in big games against quality teams.  We can't win them when these hitters have worse at bats, and lower batting averages, than the typical National League pitcher. 

Can we really win with two auto-outs in the line-up?  Can we develop youngsters in, " a playoff environment," and still win?

I think not. 

 I think Joe won't play them, either.  for the very reason that he is, " charged to win." Certainly, he won't play Austin.

So we shall accomplish exactly nothing.  Or very little ( the injury to Hicks helps Judge a lot ).

Enjoy the game. 

 At minimum, it is worth watching.


joe de pastry said...

Hal got what he wanted. He refused to spend enough money last offseason to contend for a championship but he's got a team just barely good enough to play "meaningful games" in September and keep dopes like us watching. I hope you guys haven't been gullible enough to buy tickets and make his bank account bigger. I've stuck to my pledge and haven't been to a game all year.

ranger_lp said...

Well if you believe the narrative, the only chance we have to win a game is tonight with the lefty CC on the hill. Pineda, the right hander, pitches tomorrow The YES folks, ad nauseam, have gone out of their way to state how the O's can't hit lefties and that the home record is so much better than their away record. With that said, I expect a sweep by the O's. SMH