Sunday, September 18, 2016

It's too late, and we're about to do too little

This weekend reminds me of the same September weekend of 1978 except, as El Duque says, "We have become the Red Sox."

On that weekend of September 15-16-17, 1978 the Yanks took the first two games of the series and more or less put the final nails in Boston's coffin.  If you recall, we had swept a 4-game series from them the weekend before.

The Red Sox came back and walloped us 7-3 in the final game, but it was too late.  It was sort of like throwing a rock at the bigger kid after he's beaten the crap out of you and he's about halfway home and not thinking about you anymore.

I know that it was a 3-game series in 1978 and this one is 4 games, but I predict we'll beat the Red Sox tonight.  My reasoning is: The bigger kid has beaten the crap out of us, he's halfway home, and he's not thinking about us any more.


Cory Lidle's Scenic Air Tours said...

We still have Moon Big Papi Day

John M said...

So far, the Sox are 3-0, the Yanks are 0-1, and Girardi is 0-2. Let's throw the rock at him.

manx said...

All my hopes and dreams have died this weekend.

Cubbie Rally Cry said...

Wait till next year!

Anonymous said...

Tend to agree with you, John M - - although a case could be made that Girardi is actually 0-3; he definitely cost us the first and third games, not sure about the second one - - probably not, since our offense stayed home. FIRE CASH-PUSS AND HIS TAME TRAINED SEAL, GIRARDI!!!! I've been saying that since the winter of 2010, and every year since has reinforced my inclinations....and those two Giuliani trolls should never have been given a job, in the first place.