Monday, April 17, 2017

It Doesn't Seem Possible

I know from experience that El Duque is sleep walking in a major " hang-over" condition.

His posting, I suspect, was done way in advance and, "scheduled," because he didn't trust me ( the others came through ) to " cover for him."

But we celebrate on the coast, also.   True, we couldn't crowd into a garage with 1000 teenagers and just scream for 8 hours ( last night's Sheer Mag concert in Syracuse), but someone has to go to the LA Symphony, in the Hollywood bowl.

But I digress;

Is it possible ( it doesn't seem so, I know ) that I was wrong about Greg Bird's foot?  He hit yesterday like a skinny Lou Gehrig.  And his defense " sings" of "Donnie Baseball's"  best days.

Is it possible that Pineda has, " found his groove?"

Is it possible that Romine is a first rate, starting catcher?

Is it possible that Ronald Torreyes is related to Phil Rizzuto?

And is it possible that Hicks looks more comfortable in CF than Jacoby?

Anything, I gather, is possible.

Feel better Duque.  It was supposed to be a blast.


Leinstery said...

Well ol Blue Binders is sitting Bird today. So at least questionable managerial decisions is still there for you

Anonymous said...

HEY!...IT'S 8!!!