Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Battlin Beantown Bosockers lose heartbreaker in front of frantic Francona Fenway fanaticals, as Super Showdown Series in Big Apple looms

DATELINE: BEANVILLE, MASS _ Redsock supercloser Jonathong "I'm Pooped" Papelbon suffered the yipes-I'm-yielding-yellow-urine yips yesterday, yielding four runs -- but not in a save situation! thank god! -- as the Boston Big Papi & Youk Express took it OTC (that's On The Chin, in Twitter talk) and prepares for this weekend's World War III:

The Showdown in Terror Target Town.

Beginning Friday, anything and everything goes, Clash-o-the-Titans style, when the longtime rivals square off with the AL East pennant and the post-season on the firing line. Call it a big must-win for the Boston footwraps, who failed to gain ground yesterday on Tampa. But, hey, if you want somethng done, do it yourself. And that's what Dusty, Marco, Dice K -- "the National Treasure" -- and J.D. Drew will try to do.

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