Friday, October 26, 2012

Yankeetorial: Mariano is having second thoughts? Good.

I know this is blaspheme, but for once, let's not be cheerful and optimistic: Does anybody really expect Mariano Rivera to come back in 2013 and pitch an entire season at the level that befits his career? Because I sure don't. I think there's a better chance of Ann Coulter winning a sportsmanship medal at the Special Olympics. When Mariano shredded his knee last spring, it broke our hearts - not because we lost him for a season - but because we lost him. Period. 

He made a few feel good comments about coming back, so  the crowds could cheer and the writers could tweet, IF ANYBODY CAN DO IT, MO CAN!

Yeah, right. Listen:  Nobody can do it. That's the rub.

Andy came back this year at the ancient age of 40. He couldn't last the season. (Partly due to bad luck, yeah, but the fact is, you don't heal fast at 40.) Roger Clemens came back 44. (God knows what he was injecting.) He went 6-6 and seldom lasted into the sixth. Do we really want to see a compromised Rivera being lifted for Cody Eppley?

Next week, Raphael Soriano may head for the hills. So be it. That's his choice. We've gotta replace him, and we can't wait for Mo.

In fact, I think that's what Rivera is telling us: He might try to come back, but maybe only the second half - if that. We better have somebody to save the saves.

Frankly - and we will launch this conversation soon - it's time for the Yankiverse to debate whether 2013 should be viewed as a rebuilding year: That is, write the bastard off, cut the payroll now, and think about the 2014 team with Mason Williams, Gary Sanchez, et al.

And maybe a pitching coach named Mariano.


Anderson said...

Idiocy to throw the year away.

JM said...

The Steinbergers won't just throw away the year, but they will somehow bungle it so we suffer through another 'hey, are these guys really good or do they really kind of suck' season.

I had no idea Ann Coulter won a Sportsmanship medal at the Special Olympics. That's nice, a person with her disabilities should get a pat on the back once in a while.

el duque said...

At some point, we're going to have to throw a year away, or we're going to find ourselves throwing a decade away.