Thursday, August 15, 2013

What actors will play our heroes in the Hollywood spectacular about the Miracle '13 Yankees?


Kevin Youkilis/Don Rickles

Derek Jeter/Sir Sean Connery

Andy Pettitte/Clint Eastwood

Travis Hafner/Robert Duvall

Lyle Overbay/Ian McKellen

Alex Rodriguez/Morgan Freeman

Mariano/Jaden Smith


Alphonso said...

Who is going to play me? That's all I want to know.

JM said...

And Suzyn Waldman, as the Beaver.

OK, OK, I know, it's tasteless and vulgar and cheap.

It just felt like someone needed to do it.

Let me make up for that. Harry Belafonte as Soriano.

el duque said...

This blog likes tasteless, vulgar and cheap.

Ben Gurion said...

foster brooks will play alphonso

joe de pastry said...

Fred Willard as John Sterling.