Friday, December 13, 2013


Robbie Cano, don't cha grow...

Yesterday in Seattle, Joggin' Robbie met reporters - all five of them - and announced that his feelings were hurt by the lack of love and respect from the Yankee tower of power. Somehow, I'm thinking of Randy Levine cocktail comments, or maybe his car was keyed in the lot. I dunno. When a marriage dies, who do you blame?

What's clear is that when the marriage collapses, the kids suffer. That's us, by the way. In Seattle and New York. 

Somehow, the Yankees talked themselves into believing they're better off with Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, et al - and no Robbie. Somehow, Seattle talked themselves into thinking a 10-year deal isn't a whole decade. And somehow, Robbie talked himself into thinking he'll be happier with a beard in a town known for rain and Windows '95. But everybody watching from a distance sees it clearly: They're all wrong. It's gonna suck. But hey, everybody gets what they deserve, eh?

Today, the Yankees are a .500 team next year, without draft picks - the kind of ineptitude normally exclusive to the Knicks. We'll spackle our holes with money, blow through Happy Hal's $189 million budget "goal," and chase the one-game Wild Card. Until we change our fundamental model - buying yesterday's stars - we are listing in the water. We might even be better off with a full 2014 meltdown, forcing a complete re-evaluation. I dunno.

The Mariners MUST win SOMETHING next year - at least get to the grand one-game Wild Card. Otherwise - well - they're Windows '95. Robbie MUST have a big year; he MUST NOT get injured. Eventually, they'll be holding the bag on a 1B/DH with warning track power and three years left to play. They MUST win next year. For a team as bad as they have been, that's a dangerous slope to climb. And all for a one-game season.

As for Robbie? He gets the beard. I hope it doesn't itch.


JM said...

A beard?? A BEARD???? Yes, Seattle is very moist and has a lot of rain, but I had no idea things there grew this fast.

What a depressing winter this is already. Cano, gone. Phil Phranchise, gone. Joba, gone. Sure, he's been a fat, disappointing, mishandled loser, but he was OUR fat, disappointing, mishandled loser. And Phil still had Phlashes of his old potential. Something was fixable there, but not with our crack coaching staff.

The Phish rots from the head down. We are fallen and we can't get up.

KD said...

I have not yet heard anything from Mr. Cano regarding us fans. No explanation for what he did. No thanks for all the years of fan support. We loved this guy. All one needed to prove this was count the number of fans wearing Cano shirts. He leaves us and says... Nothing.

No "I loved being a Yankee and it breaks my heart to leave. I want to thank all you fans for the wonderful support over the years. You fans are the greatest! I hope you understand that my decision is based upon what I consider the best for my family and career. I'll always treasure my years as a Yankee."

don't we deserve this? I guess not. just asses in the seats buying $10 beers.