Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Possible Titles for A-Rod's Book

Tuesdays With Yogi

Angels and Damons

Hit, Pray, Love

The Bridges of Mariano County

What We Talk About When We Talk About Jeet
Prisoner No More: One Man's Escape from the Steinbrenner-Selig Plantation Gulag

Leader of the Banned: The Life and Times of Baseball's Mandela

"You're So Good, You Must Be Juicing," and Other Tales from Life's On-Deck Circle

One Hundred Games of Solitude

The Boy Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Yankee Doodle Dew... or Die? Why I Will Never Stop Defending My Name and the Rights of Baseball Players Everywhere
 Bat on a Hot Tin Roof

An A-Bomb from A-Rod

I Know Why the Caged Yankee Sings


Anonymous said...

Please Don't Call Me A-Suck

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Mind If I Kiss That Guy Who's Staring Back at Me?

I Slap Balls (Along the First Base Line)

Anonymous said...

More Titles for A-Rod's Book:

The Unnatural

Bullshit Durham

The Hustler

New Name for the new Yankee Stadium:

Needle Park

Theme Song for the New Yankee Stadium:

"There Used to Be a Ballpark"

Song to Be Played After Yankee Victories:

"Pocketful of Miracles"

Song to Be Played After Yankee Losses:

"Try to Remember"