Monday, July 25, 2016


El Chapo to Epstein's Cubbies for the Gleybermeister, a lottery ticket, a Zolio Almonte and Adam Warren.  No, not this one.
The Adam Warren who is not Brian Mitchell. (Whatever happened to Brian Mitchell?)

We won two out of three against San Francisco. 
But win or lose on the trade, this is a better day than on either of those victories. 
For the first time in way too long, the Yankees are looking to the future.
Push the button again.


The Ghost of Yankees Past said...

Everyone's whipping boy Brian Cashman , may have at a very low price built the Yankees' infield of the future. Condider picking up Dee Dee, Starlin Castro and now Glyber Torres ( who may be a future third baseman). While there is ample room to criticize BC, these three moves look very good.

John M said...

Ad-am War-ren!!! Ad-am War-ren!!!


I'm one happy moron.