Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gannett to Yankees: Drop Dead

Well, this sucks.

A great Yankee beat writer, Chad Jennings, is out of work today, due to cutbacks by Gannett's Journal/News of the Lower Hudson Valley - aka LOHUD.

So ends a great Yankiverse tradition - the LOHUD online community, launched by Peter Abraham (PeteAbe) - around 1999, back when the team always found a way to win, and fans always found a way to feel hope. Over the years, you could always count on at least two great Yankee websites - (not counting this one, of course) - River Ave and LOHUD. Now there is one. (Not counting this one, of course.)

It's part of a big round of cutbacks, which by now we have come to accept at newspapers everywhere. It's a perfect downward loop - so clean, so pure and so efficient you almost have to admire our own self-destruction.

The more that good journalists vanish, the worse our journalism gets, and so the more people hate journalists, and so the corporations cut them, and the cycle eventually gives us an election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - and everybody wonders how such a thing could happen?

I doubt Jennings will stay jobless for long. Condolences to all who got the slip.


Alphonso said...

they are all welcome to join us on this website. The pay is non existent, but the laughs, camaraderie and insights extend the limits of any payroll.

Yankee lore and Yankee love.

Anonymous said...


Parson Tom said...

Gannett sucks. Always has. Always will. Green-visored pencil pushers with a mean streak of resentment toward the makers whose work they take.

JM said...

One of the major parties, its allies, and operatives, have spent over 20 years trying to convince the country that the mainstream media is corrupt, biased, and not worth paying attention to. They have succeeded with 40% of the populace, often more in any one particular geographic area.

This bodes well for the alt-Yankee blogging universe. We all know that the decline of the team since 2009 is a well-unfunded conspiracy by nefarious forces in major league baseball. And George Soros.

Moneyplays said...

I'm truly shocked. I'd think Lohud Yankees would be one of the most visited parts of their website. I hope something will replace it. Loved getting the behind the scenes glimpse of the Yankees clubhouse. Being laid off sucks and unfortunately has become a normal part of the current economy.

KD said...

didn't lohud chase away all their readers and commenters last year? I seem to remember that they all left and ended up invading RAB, much to the RAB community's despair.

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