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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Why does Harrison Bader hate being home?


I think The Archangel had the best line about the Oft-Injured Bader today, which was that—now that he's back on the DL—he will have plenty of time to read the fine print in the six-year extension that Cashman will tender him.

Hey, great move, huh? Bringing in a guy whose whole game is physical...but who constantly gets injured? I mean, it worked so well with Jacoby.

Once again, though, things went a little bit Cashie's way, in that the NL seems to have figured out Monty. And the bigger mystery surrounding Harrison Bader is why he so seems to hate playing at home—even when it's almost literally HIS home!

My astute friend Lucas, who is much better at assessing statistics than I am, had high hopes for Harrison when he came over because after all, how often do you acquire a player whose first name is the last name of a president who won with a minority of the popular vote while playing in St. Louis, Louis, Bader was a much better player on the road, than at home.

He was right. Career splits thus far: BA, HRs, 39-19; BA, .279-.213; OPS, .814-.641.

Well, fair dinkum. Maybe Harrison WOULD be good, so close to the ancestral manse in Westchester.

But so far...not so good.

Bader "burst" on the scene—after missing his first six Yankee weeks and more with injuries—last Sept., going 3-8 with 5 RBI in his first two games.  Humana-humma!  But from that time on, in the regular season, he went a mere 5-20 in the Bronx, with 2 ribbies.

In the playoffs, where he also made a big splash, our Harrison was still only 4-16, with 2 homers and 2 RBI at home, as opposed to 5-14 on the road, with 3 homers and 7 RBI.

This season, Bader is once again a road warrior, at .333 and opposed to just .222 and .697 in the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium.

What gives? Damned if I know. And hey, why worry about it? We probably won't be seeing Harrison again until sometime after July 4th. If then.

Maybe he can take that time to work out whatever is bothering him at home.

Harrison Bader: exulting in joy, or grimacing in pain? You make the call!


edb said...

Is Tissue Mon Junior actually back on the DL. Has it been announced? I do know this, Genius Cashman is now the King of the bas deal. He brings in loads of players that do not play.

The Hammer of God said...

Maybe Master Bader is the road warrior. He likes living out of hotel rooms and wrecking the visiting teams' clubhouse. Maybe there are more floozies to play with on the road. Maybe that inspires his play.

Perhaps Cashman can trade the entire farm system for one Mister Josh Hader. Then the Yanks will be the only team in MLB history (as far as I know) that had Master Bader and Mister Hader. (I'm not advocating for it. I just like the sound of the two names together.)

Mister Hader with the pitch/Popped up to short center field!/Master Bader coming on, coming on... He makes the catch/A can of corn for Master Bader!/Yankees win...THUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH Yankees win! Mister Hader shuts down the ASS-stros in the 9th!

The Hammer of God said...

If they ever get Mister Hader, you know the first thing they'll do is to have him barbell squat 500 lbs, (because they figure that'll add another 2.25 mph to his fastball), and he'll tweak his back and be out until late September.

AboveAverage said...

Hoss - he could just be hacking up his mouth guard, freeing It from being awkwardly lodged in his windpipe.

Nice piece on Master Bader.

In other worlds - here's a novel idea:


Keep a tight watch on Mr Cortes today, Mr Happy B00ne.

Everything past the fourth inning is gold.

One/Two batters on in the fifth, take him out.

Do not wait.

Do not hesitate.

Thank him for his service to the cause and lock it down.

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today."

It's Tuesday, Wimpy.



BTR999 said...

Players with significant injury histories are always at risk for more of the same.
Sometimes it’s just as simple as that….

If Bader hits the IL, I guess it would be a platoon of IFK/Allen? Cordero recalled?

So when JD returns, what’s the corresponding move? Cabrera?

Celerino Sanchez said...

I was looking at the farm report on Pinstripe Alley and they are talking about this kid Palensky and how he should be promoted to AA. So I looked at his numbers and the guy is 24. He'll be late 20's by the time he makes AAA. That's a true Ca$hman guy for you.

The Archangel said...

People love humor because there is just enough truth in any joke to make you laugh at life's absurdities and pain.

Hence my take on the six year extension for Bader.
One of the NY news hacks had already floated that ballon last week, although it may not have been for that long.
I didn't read the article because I had just eaten.

Maybe when the O's waive Hicks in a week or so, Cashman will re-sign him.
Anything to keep Florial on the farm. After all, even though he is the best OF defensively, bats LH, is fast and could bat 9th, apparently we have used up our quota of players who K a lot and bat under.200 [and are slow with bad D.]