Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He was right about Pineda

Michael Pineda will have arthroscopic surgery on right shoulder, Yankees have no timetable for his return - 5:11 PM

"We learned that Pineda is going to get more opinions before he allows the predicted, season -ending and career-threatening surgery." -- Today at 3:01 PM

"Try to forget about the following Yankees; Banuelos, Phellps, Pineda. Two are for trades, one is for practicing surgical techniques upon." -- April 5

"Pineda should have had his surgery... in Seattle, not at The NY Hospital for Special Surgery." -- March 20

"Note to Cashman; you don't get a young, healthy dominating starter in a trade for an unproven prospect, who has no position, without caveats. That player is made available because the team trading him knows he is flawed or injured, usually both." -- March 18

"Trade Babe Ruth for a guy the Mariners know is damaged. " -- February 18

NOTE: For the record, el duque was right, too--but after this month's Juju-slaught, we're all pretty sick of hearing about him.

This has been MUSTANGPeace, world.


Hermodorus said...

This is what happens when you #betray #jesus. We knew this.

Anonymous said...

Andy's kids are not out of college. The two older boys , Josh and Jared are in high school, not college.

bennyboy said...

Alphonso was against the Pineda trade?

carl pavano said...

The big, bold letters, the animated gifs, the multi colors. So freekin gay. I love it!

MUSTANG said...

carl, are you comin' on to the mustang?

joe de pastry said...

i am too depressed to comment on this post, but not too depressed to comment that MUSTANG wrote his name in lower case letters above. i guess he is depressed, too.

MUSTANG said...

woe is mustang.